Meet Victor Napier

Victor, options trading and penny stocks trading expert

Meet the Self-Made Millionaire

Victor is a self-taught entrepreneur who learned the core principles of options trading to make a handsome amount of money during his lunch hours at work. He also used to train his co-workers how to trade and make money, proving that anybody can learn the craft.

His belief is that: with a push in the right direction as well as the right type of education regarding this lucrative industry, you can start earning a passive income from the comforts of your home or during your break time at work.

Victor has helped thousands of people master the art of options trading and continues to do so every single day. And so he founded Think-N-Trade, a comprehensive options trading platform where anyone, irrespective of where they are or what background they come from, can learn and make money through options trading.

The Road to Self-Fulfillment and Success

The self-taught millionaire was formerly the owner of seven highly successful organizations. And you wouldn’t believe the fact that he started out selling latex gloves at that too out of his spare bedroom. And from there on, with hard work, dedication and the will to succeed, Victor managed to establish his very own company, known as Med Tech, which by the way has an estimated net worth of 3 million dollars.

Before becoming CEO of his own company, Victor managed to successfully negotiate a $10 million takeover of a pharmaceutical supply company. And in just 18 months he managed to propel that business to financial prosperity at which had a net worth of $14 million dollars. And during those 18 months, Victor managed to start a second medical supply company, which he grew and then sold.

He is also a personal development consultant and financial mentor to many industrial leaders and financial gurus. His belief in the fact that ‘never say can’t’ has been a hallmark to his success and the success he brought in the lives of the people who come to him for financial guidance and prosperity.

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