You need to find a source which is reliable and that you trust, and use that as a jumping off point to finding potential penny stock investments. In fact, you should probably have many sources.

NEVER trust any source 100 percent. Instead, use them simply to provide suggestions of prospective companies to watch. Then conduct your own analysis, make your own trades, and take full responsibility for the results.

You can find many stocks yourself, by using a stock screener such as (Financial Visibility). This is an example of a great online tool for uncovering potential investments, which you will better understand how to use the more you try it out, the more you Paper Trade, and the more you learn about investing.

There are also great stock screeners online for free through sites such as Google, and most major financial portals. If you want stocks trading at $3 or less, in the precious metals industry, you can set the screener to return only those results — this can then act as a great shortlist, through which you can find the penny stocks you want to trade. How does blockchain technology get involved?